Armyworms attacking East Texas pastures early

Monday, July 7, 2014 - 10:43pm

Last week, we reported how our recent summer rainfall has been a welcome sight for hay producers here in East Texas.

But these early showers have also brought in some unwelcome guests earlier than usual, they are called armyworms.

These are pests  usually make an appearance in the fall, but this year they were already on the move in June.

It's a creature, if not put in check, can reduce all your hard work, to nothing.

This recent wet weather has brought many of them into East Texas pastures, and if a the population is large enough, they can destroy an entire crop in a matter of days.

This is why now is the right time to treat your hay fields with pesticides and sprays, because no matter what you pay for poison, it was cost far less than the damage these creatures will do.

"A good fertilized hay meadow right now 3 to 4 rolls per acre, you know, it's bringing $60 to $75 a roll, you know, there's $300 to $400 an acre, they could lose pretty quick versus spraying them for $2 to $12," said Darren Rozell from Rozell Sprayer Manufacturing in Tyler.

Rozell says the best way to check for armyworms is to put on some rubber boots and just walk through your land for a while.

When you're finished, if you look down and see plenty of worms stuck to your boot, it's time to take action.

Once again, this looks to be one of the best hay seasons in years, but it could all go to waste in just a matter of days.

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