Asian immigration overtakes all other groups


POSTED: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 4:15pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 4:29pm

There is a new report on immigration that will probably surprise you.
And this time, it doesn’t involve our southern border.
It has happened faster than anyone could have imagined.
Asian immigration to the United States has surpassed Hispanic immigration.
The new study by the Pew Research Center points out that a century ago, most Asian-Americans were low-skilled, low-wage laborers.
Now they are the most highly educated, highest earning racial group in the country.
And among Asians, Indian immigrants fair best of all.
And they have since 2009, surpassed Hispanics as the largest immigrant group in the country.
In 2010, 36% of all immigrants were Asian, versus 31% of new arrivals who were Hispanic.
The reason for the drop in Latino immigration is predictable. Jobs and enforcement.
The recession has meant that many low wage jobs have disappeared.
And deportations are at record highs.
And although you’ll still find them in big cities like San Francisco and Houston, the traditional Chinatowns are less common and there is more integration than with other groups.
The Pew Study also shows that as far as family values such as solid marriages,  and the importance of good parenting, Asian-Americans place a greater emphasis than most Americans.
Pew says that barring a sudden uptick in the economy, these trends should continue.
By the way, 45% of Hispanic immigrants are in the country illegally, versus 15% of Asians.

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