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Athens man dead in Frankston shooting

POSTED: Thursday, November 13, 2008 - 9:42pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 29, 2010 - 9:39am

Witnesses describe scene

FRANKSTON - The shooting in Frankston turned residents into scared spectators.

Some tell us kids playing in their yards could only watch as bullets flew back and forth.

"This is a small community," said Wesley Beard, who witnessed the shootout. "Things like this don't happen here."

It's a scene that shocked many living in this quiet community.

An officer, one of their own, injured.

Another man, dead.

"This man standing at the end of the street said 'There he is!' said Sonia Warnke. "Then there were about 15 gunshots."

She had just arrived home from the dentist with her kids.

"I have children," she said, "So I wasn't going to stand around and look where bullets were going."

Neighbors stood by, distraught.

"Two people fled on foot," said Beard, whom appeared visibly upset. "It wasn't moments after that you could hear gunshots."

The father of the dead man, now identified as 29-year-old Jason Cumby, stood nearby, hoping for the best. He waited with family members for any answers.

"I'm hurting," he said, while looking at his son on the ground. "No one will let me go over there and identify him or cover him up or tell me something. They could have helped him maybe."

In this tight-knit community of 1,300 people - many say they are just trying to make sense of it all.

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That is why you don't shoot at the police. Jason wasn't a "nice" guy. He raped a young girl in 1995 and got away with it. He got what he deserved.

Why, did he have to die? I know Jason he was a fun loving guy to be around. Yes, he have had charges against him in the past but he still didn't deserve to die the way he did. Also eyewitness say Jason tried to surrender but they still shot him. Why the woman have not came forward about the burglary? Maybe, she knew them. What did they take? Still know evidence been showed.Maybe, there was another reason way they fled. All I know is there is a lot of unanswered question and a good friend of mine is dead.

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