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Friday, March 6, 2015 - 3:15pm

Baby girl surrendered to Houston firefighters

Baby girl surrendered to Houston firefighters

POSTED: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 6:00am

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 2:04pm

Because of baby's age, the dropoff may not qualify for Baby Moses law protection

The Houston Chronicle is reporting; an energetic baby girl with large steel-gray eyes and a black mohawk was surrendered to Houston firefighters on Monday afternoon by a woman believed to be a Good Samaritan.

The 5-month-old was handed over to officials just before 2 p.m. at Houston Fire Department Station No. 35 in the 5500 block of Van Fleet in southeast Houston.

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This should never be put in the media stations with the surrender sign displayed are supposed to be safe places to surrender little ones, giving those who do this the privacy needed in such an undoubtedly emotionally charged moment. Compassion, support, anonymity, and security is what is required...not front-page news!

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