Back-to-school shopping blues—what is a trapper keeper?

Photo from KETK
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 6:47pm

"Four boxes of Kleenex, one box of wet wipes, four spiral ring notebooks..." Joy Calhoun of Tyler reads off one of the three school supply shopping lists she has for her three granddaughters. She says shopping can be a daunting, and costly task. Calhoun says, "The prices have gone up ridiculous, four dollars for a one subject notebook…a lunch bag, 12 dollars…and backpacks, look how much back packs are! we didn't even get to that."

Not to mention Calhoun says she doesn't even know what some of the stuff on the list is! She says, "A trapper keeper? what is that?" From mechanical pencils, ear buds and three boxes of crayons per child, Calhoun says, it's just crazy, She says, "It think it's ridiculous."

And sometimes parents tell KETK the lists are so long sometimes it's hard to find the stuff, Calhoun says, "I'm still looking for manila paper, haven't found that, we're having to go from store to store."

Calhoun isn't quite sure why her granddaughter needs stickers for school? She recites from the list, "One package of stickers, why, I do not know?" Calhoun asks one of her granddaughters “What do you need a package of stickers for?" She replies, "Sticking them on stuff?"

Calhoun wonders what happened to the days of just good ole' pencil and paper, She says, "Get back to the basic's instead of all this.” But, despite the long list. Calhoun says, she'll fork up the money for her granddaughters. And about that trapper keeper, Calhoun says, "Well good luck because I’m going to have to have someone to help me find one!"

For a link to all the school supply lists from surrounding East Texas schools visit:


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