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POSTED: Friday, September 6, 2013 - 9:54am

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 1:38pm

Controversy about the Church of Wells as been churning for months. Concerned parents of 26-year-old Catherine Grove say their daughter is being "brainwashed" by members of this church.

Members tell KETK the Church of Wells is evangelical.

The Church of Wells opened in 2012 on New Years Day,  but the church started in 2010 in Arlington, near Dallas.

They moved to Wells because God told them to. They said it's made up of born-again believers, run by three elders from Texas: Ryan Ringnald, Jacob Gardner and Sean Morris.

The elders say their mission for themselves and the 57 members is to preach salvation.

"The key to men being regenerated or being able to follow God again, is through the new birth," said Ringnald.

The church is part of the You Must Be Born Again ministry. They believe you are born sinful and in darkness, and you must be born again to truly follow Christ and be saved.

"We believe man has to see their sin. That's why we preach judgment," said Ringnald.  

There have been unconfirmed reports of arranged marriages, but when asked on camera, they declined to comment and instead started praying.

"Can we just go off the record for a moment just put it on pause," said Gardner.  

They follow readings of many well known pastors-- living and dead. And they go to the streets to preach.

But, some Wells residents have complained they have an aggressive form of preaching and both Gardner and Ringnald said sometimes when a person is saved, they cut off ties with family members and let go of their past relationships.

"When Christ calls a man if he has his allegiance to his family first of all to his job first of all or to his earthly possession and riches first of all that allegiance needs to be cut," said Gardner.

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"The church is part of the You-Must-Be-Born-Again ministry."
1. There is no such national/global ministry called "You Must Be Born Again Ministry." It's them. They aren't "part" of it; they ARE it. Seriously. It's just a single group. This one.
2. They appropriated a registered domain that belonged to a preacher they have no affiliation with. Their website says "The Church of Wells, a ministry of"

Pretty sad when a reader of this article has done more actual investigation that the news site who posted it.

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