Bahrain square becomes new center for Arab anger

Bahrain square becomes new center for Arab anger
Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - 10:49pm

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) - Thousands of protesters have
taken over a main square in Bahrain's capital today.

They've brought in tents and raised banners in an attempt to
copy Egypt's uprising and force high-level changes.

Clashes have left at least two people dead in the last two days, but security
forces stood back as protesters moved into the square.

Opposition lawmakers are boycotting parliament, while the king
went on nationwide TV to offer condolences for the deaths. He
pledged and investigation into the killings and promised to push
ahead with reforms.

Meanwhile, there were violent confrontations in Yemen during a
fifth straight day of anti-government protests. Police and
government supporters battled nearly 3,000 marchers calling for the
ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh (AH'-lee ahb-DUH'-luh

In Jordan, hundreds of Bedouin tribesmen blocked roads to demand
the government return lands they once owned.

And Saudi activists are seeking to form a political party in a challenge to the
near-absolute power of the pro-Western monarchy.

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