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Be aware of your day care.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 7:04pm

Many child care facilities across East Texas have been cited by the state. In Angelina County more  than half of the day cares were cited. Of the 44 licensed and registered day care facilities in Angelina County, 30 have received citations for not conducting proper background checks on employees, in addition to other state-weighted high-risk deficiencies.

According to Shari Pulliam from the Texas Department of Parenting and Services, and Child Protective Services, Smith County has 150 day care facilities, 103 of which are regularly inspected—and out of those 80 facilities were cited with violations and deficiencies.

Pulliam says, "There are hundreds of standards, literally hundreds of standards that Daycare's have to meet every single day while they are in operation."

But if child care centers don't meet the standards they can be closed down, especially if they have repeated high risk violations.

According to the public information made available on the Texas Child Care Search website, In Gregg County 11 day cares were closed down in 2012 due to violations and deficiencies.

Pulliam says, "high-risk" violation include things that directly affect the child's care such as, "Not enough staff caring for too many children, neglectful supervision issues or of course if a child is physically disciplined."

KETK spoke to the owner and Director of The Dream Stream" Daycare in Tyler, April Schodowski, she says her after school program has only been opened for a year but she takes the rules seriously when it comes to inspections, "I take it seriously and I know that these rules are in place for a reason," Schodowski says.

For more information on how you can look up any day care in your county you can go to

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