Becoming 'Daniel Strong' in Whitehouse


POSTED: Friday, May 9, 2014 - 9:58pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 12, 2014 - 9:21am

This afternoon, Christian students at Whitehouse Junior High, organized a rally, to worship with friends, and kick-start a new initiative in the community, being 'Daniel Strong.'

In the Bible, Daniel was one of the original prayer warriors, who served under many kings, but never faltered in his faith.

This group of students say they want to carry that type of passion throughout their school, and help those around them who may silently be in need.

Cathy Garton is a member of the Bible Club of East Texas, an organization which meets in schools across the area.

But those who know her just call her Mamaw.

"Kids come to me and said Mamaw we want to make difference, we really want to be there for our friends," said Garton.

So on Friday afternoon, in the Whitehouse Junior High gym, they put on a Christian rally.

"I feel like, as a a Christian, I mean, you need to have your relationship with God but I also almost feel like it's also good to be able to with other people," said 8th grader Tess Hamilton.

"It means quite a bit to me, because nothing like this ever happens that much.  It's not very common and it's something that would be a blessing to all of us," said 7th grader Kylee Updike.

A blessing they plan to carry over from this one afternoon.

"These kids go through so much daily and just to be able for them to have somebody to lean on that have the same beliefs as them is something that's awesome," said Whitehouse teacher and coach Brittanie Toole.

Which is why the students will hold weekly meetings to help fellow classmates who are dealing with hardships, because in most instances, a student will open up to another fellow student.

"Kids will talk to each other, and they will share, but they won't tell," said Garton.

Creating a bond of trust through their faith, and living up to the standard, of being 'Daniel Strong.'

"In order to make a difference they have to be a friend, and they know that God answers prayer," said Garton.

Students involved say they hope to bring this passion for their faith into their high school years, and hope to see this particular event become an annual occasion in Whitehouse.

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After watching this video, I am absolutely dumbstruck...why don't the parents of these kids just take over the school and call it a Christian school from now other religion need apply, and you can only go to this school if you worship during the school day as you do in church. So much for the Constitutional separation of church and Texans can re-write the document they profess to be second only to the Bible to reflect one way to live, worship, study...secede, Texas.

I was there it is the best thing u feel very safe and at home when worshiping God

If Christians are permitted to practice their faith openly in public schools, then by all rights, other religions should be allowed the same opportunity..folks in the buckle of the Bible belt simply can't have it all your way..if you want freedom to express your faith in public schools, then Jews, Muslims, off-the-grid radical splinter groups (how about a Wells-like group?) should all have the same right..Jews and Muslims worship God, too, so they should be afforded the same right, if they wish.

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