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"Believe and See" organization delivers ambulance to Togo

Kirsten Glavin
Monday, August 4, 2014 - 9:45pm

"Believe And See" restores sight to 100 people every month in remote villages around Togo. With the help of ETMC, an ambulance will now be able to travel to and from rural areas, making the cataract clinic mobile.

"This clinic gains us access to 50% of the population in togo that at this point doesn't have any access to medical care," said Lewis Swann, President of "Believe and See."

The ambulance was out of use, and then restored for the trip. It's now ready to make the voyage to Africa, and help bring vision to those in need.

"We will send it over by ship, it's called a roll on roll off ship, and once it's in togo we do the flip and transition from ambulance to mobile clinic and then we will be able to do operations anywhere in the country," Swann said.

61% of the population in Togo lives outside of the city. Of those, roughly 30,000 people are visually impaired or blinded by cataracts.

Swann said, "In one village of 200 people, we may find a dozen people with cataracts."

Treatment has brought families closer together, and in some cases, relatives are literally seeing their loved ones for the first time.

"A mother developed cataracts disease during pregnancy, and her child was a year old when we found her. And so she was afraid that she wasn't going to be able to see her child ever, so with our abilities to offer our faiths through our works, she can see her child," Swann said.

After a mission trip to Togo, Naomi Swann, co founder and wife to Lewis Swann, now uses her experience in africa to help run "Believe and See."

"You feel really blessed by having something open up that I thought - I thought I was going there for 2 months and now it's 2 years later and I know this is going to be a lifelong commitment."

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