Bible app hits 100 million downloads

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 6:50pm

Reading the bible from your smart phone or tablet in church is becoming a common practice. And one popular app among Christians hit a mile stone on Sunday. ‘You Version’ was one of the first 200 apps you could buy on iTunes.

The ‘You Version’ bible app has landed on 100 million computers, tablets, and smart phones around the world. Many people in East Texas say the digital version of the bible it's popular in the pews. One East Texan from Jacksonville tells KETK, "It seems pretty common," another says, “I see a lot of people on their iPads rather than their iPhones because they're bigger but I use my phone."

Senior assistant pastor, Ken Warren, of Green Acres Baptist church even uses the app. Warren says,
"I don't typically carry a bible on Sunday morning I use my phone and lot of people are going to that."

Warren says at Green Acres they have even had to make some accommodations to cater to the E-bible users of their church, Warren says, "We've had to expand out wireless network capabilities just to accommodate all the people who want to log on on Sunday morning."

Pastor Warrren say's it's easy for people and for pastors, "I know a number of churches in Tyler that us it every Sunday morning.” Warren says there are many convenient features to the app that make it appealing to the masses, and if you don't feel like reading it, can read for you!

Warren says, we owe debt to the creator of this app because the church that developed it continues to give it away. Warren says, "It's a wonderful asset that doesn't cost anything."

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