Bible reportedly torn by airport security, owner wants answers


POSTED: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 7:18pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 12:00pm

We all know airport security is strict, but one East Texas woman thinks they took things a little too far.

A woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells KETK her Bible was damaged while Transportation Safety Administration agents searched her checked bag and she thinks it was intentional.

The daughter of this concerned woman says her mother never travels without her Bible. Her mom left from Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, Saturday afternoon, and checked a bag.

"She flew to Dallas, she had a layover in Dallas," said the woman's daughter. "Then, she had a layover in Houston and she landed in San Diego at about 10:45 p.m."

The daughter claims her mom went to get her nightgown out of her suitcase. When she pulled it out, she noticed her Bible was on top and the binding was missing. 

KETK spoke with the owner of the Bible, who is in San Diego, and she says she packed her Bible at the bottom of the suitcase and when she opened it, the TSA inspection notice was on top of her torn Bible.

"It's disheartening," said the woman. "My Bible was just sitting there without the cover on it."

What disgusted the woman even more, was the last 10 pages of the Bible are reportedly missing.

"She started thumbing through it and noticed the last 10 pages were missing," said the woman's daughter. 

The owner also called the TSA to file a complaint.

"The lady that answered, I think, in her voice, she was kind of shocked," said the woman. "And she said I want to apologize, we're supposed to be very, very careful."

The TSA plans to replace the Bible, but the woman's daughter says that's not the point, it's about respect and security violation. The Bible was personalized and engraved by her father, not store-bought.

Officials at Tyler Pounds claim this is the first they have heard of this matter and once they receive a report, the TSA will have to check the surveillance video.

KETK contacted the TSA and they were unavailable for comment.

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Way to gin up a false 'Chistians are persecuted' narrative. I'll bet this reporter spends her off time yelling 'fire!' in crowded theaters.

My first suggestion to you is to open your dictionary and look up the word "gin". Secondly, although you are free to post any comment you wish, I suggest you try to keep the content relevant to the subject and intelligent, rather than posting a ridiculous statement which is totally absurd. Fortunately for you, the anonymity of the internet allows an ignorant person to post comments that show his or her stupidity but not their identity.

Why don't you try to keep these crazy off-the-wall comments to yourself? As for slamming me at every chance you get, forget it...this is, after all, speech, you know...and as freely as you slam everything and get such pleasure disrespecting anyone who opposes your warped slant on every single issue, I refuse to stay silent when I have a rational and true opinion that counters yours. I doubt anyone in Tyler or the surrounding area hates quite as much as you ulcers, deaf?

You forgot something Pete............... Your rational and true opinion about this story that counters Deaf''s. You let your hatred get in the way yet again and forgot to post your opinion, Come on lets hear it, no hatred, no wishing harm to others, no putting words in other posters mouths, just your opinion of the story. East Texas wants to hear it.

It wasn't a Koran.

See the TSA is scared to desecrate a Koran but it's ok to do it to a Christian Bible.

That's our government (and the MSM.)

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