Bicyclists ride to raise awareness


POSTED: Sunday, August 17, 2014 - 9:44pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 - 9:38am

Cyclists from all over the state gathered in Tyler to raise awareness about bicycle accidents. Sunday afternoon was the Vigilance Ride in Tyler. Cyclists came together to remember riders who have been injured on local roadways this summer. Cori Moore organized the event.

"I think that drivers are distracted, honestly. I don't think that anyone is out to hurt us. I think they just aren't paying attention, whether it's texting or messing with something," said Moore.

Those distractions have caused a lot of pain in that last few weeks. Last weekend Janice Terry- Phillips was hit by a car while riding her bicycle.

"It's harder for the ones that are really close because you realize that could have been me. It's bad enough to look at a friend that is suffering and can't come out and train with you again. You're use to having somebody in your ranks and somebody that you can ride with, and they're not gonna be there with you," said Moore.

Emerald Bragg came from Houston to show her support.

"With the accident happening, the way I looked at it, it could have been myself or my husband.  I just wanted to show support and do whatever we could to help out here," said Bragg.

More than 150 people said they would come to the ride on the event's Facebook page.

"Today, we're just gonna line up. We're gonna ride. We'll do an eight mile route," said Bragg.

Riders wore bright colors, and the group had police escorts to keep the cyclists safe and avoid an accident like Phillip's collision.

"She is on the road to recovery. She's awake, and she is up and walking and doing well. I know that she wanted to be on this ride," said Moore.

So, the group came to together for the ones who couldn't be there.

"It's a reality check for some of us to realize, ya know what, its not always safe out there. We gotta ban together and do what we can to raise some awareness," said Moore.

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Why not try using some good old fashioned common sense, like realizing that bicycles do not belong on the same roads as cars & trucks. They belong on the sidewalk, parks, and trails, not on our roads. The two do not mix and were never meant to.

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