Biden's favorability dips

Biden's favorability dips

POSTED: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 7:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 24, 2012 - 9:33am

While his boss has seen his approval ratings fluctuate during their first three years in office, Joe Biden's approval as vice president had, until Wednesday, outpaced his disapproval.

Those scales tipped - though slightly -- in a poll released Tuesday, which showed 45% disapproved of and 42% approved of his tenure, although the three-point difference is well within the survey's sampling error.

Between October 2009 and March 2011, the Gallup poll showed relatively small changes in his approval, with the difference between his favorable and unfavorable numbers never more than five percentage points. His approval was highest just after the 2008 election, when 59% of Americans expressed a favorable opinion of him.

In the recent poll, Biden's level of support among Democrats, at 73%, nearly mirrored Republican's disapproval of him. The poll showed independents split with a ten-point margin against him, 47% unfavorable to 37% favorable.

The survey was conducted days after Biden announced his support for same-sex marriage and as his visibility increased with repeated appearances on the campaign trail.

The Gallup telephone poll included 1,012 adults and was conducted between May 10 and 13.


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When VP Binden speaks his mind and tells the truth, of course the rabble right is going to snarl back...when a bulldog defends it's territory and bites back at those who are trying to destroy something precious (Biden's championing preserving our American way of life and making the future better for our children), there is going to be a backlash by those who are threatened with consequences...don't tickle the elephant, folks...Biden spoke the truth...repubs JUST DON"T GET IT! OBAMA 11/6/2012!

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