BIKERS BEWARE: Bicyclist warns of sidewalk dangers in South Tyler


POSTED: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 6:25pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 8:00am

on the corner of Loop 323 and Kinsey Drive

There is a sidewalk hazard causing a concern for area bicyclists. On the southwest corner of Loop 323 and Kinsey Drive in South Tyler. Near the construction site of the new Kinsey Crossing plaza they have installed a new sidewalk, however Dan Dua says he rides his bike down that route daily, and after he noticed the potential danger he knew it had to be fixed, “I was concerned the first time I saw it, I saw an accident that needs to be prevented.” Dua said.

Two weeks prior, Dua said there was no railing at all preventing anyone from falling seven feet below into a concrete drainage ditch, so he called the City of Tyler. KETK News confirmed with the city that a call had been put in and subsequently a railing had been installed to that portion of the sidewalk. However Dua says it wasn’t enough, "The city tried to do the right thing, but they actually didn't go far enough, the problem area isn't solved."

The railing that was installed still leaves a five foot space on the north end of the sidewalk leaving a gap between the metal rail and the edge of the ditch, and a 15 foot gap on the south side. KETK News talked with the construction company, Asad Enterprises, about the matter, they issued a statement saying:

“We will need to go back and submit a revised site plan to the city. If the city approves it we have no problem extending the fence."

The city of Tyler also issued a statement to KETK news saying:

“At this point, the Development Services Department is assessing the situation to determine if the project was built according to approved plans and whether the current situation is optimal. If it is found to be lacking, corrective action will be required…we still need to speak further with the contractors.”

There is no timeline set when or if the railing will be extended. Dua said he just doesn’t want anyone to get injured.

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