Birthright citizenship...the numbers

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 8:02pm

Who’d have thought? After 142 years, we are suddenly all arguing about the 14th amendment again.

But now, the argument has nothing to do with its original purpose, but its unintended consequences.

And there are new statistics that debunk some theories, but don’t really address the problem.

The Pew Hispanic Center’s new report on illegal immigration shows that while illegal crossings are down, they are a growing part of our society, and because of the 14th Amendment, their children are automatically citizens.

No more than a few, maybe 15%, actually come here pregnant with this intention, so called birth tourism.

But even if the birth is a year or more later, in 2008 more than 340,000 babies were born to illegal parents.
And 8% of the babies born each year have at least one immigrant parent.

The last exhaustive study of the cost of illegal immigration was done in 1996 at Rice University. But in today’s dollars, and with today's population, it would be 60-billion versus an estimated 24-billi

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