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Body aches predicting the forecast

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 6:52pm

I'm sure many people have the ability to know when the rain is coming.

Some think it's a myth, but when you feel the pain some just know.

Scientists found this thought might not be in your head after all.

Scientists say dismiss the myth.

Many people have the gift of predicting the weather.

"I think it's an absolute true phenomenon, we see it and hear it everyday.

People having body pain, aching joints and knee pressure, which is a sign that rain or a thunderstorm is coming.

One East Texans says, I don't know about that, "My joints ache all the time no matter what the weather is," says John Swell

Also aches occur because of the cold weather and pressure changes and some believe it.

"I just had knee replacement surgery and i definitely believe that's true," says Karen Parish.

Karen Parish says her knee was aching and knew the rain was coming.

"Especially in the winter months when storms are starting to push through these big fronts, people feel these kind of things changing in the body and if they're all ready dealing with a little bursitis they'll feel a lot more symptoms," says Dr. Michaels.

Dr. Jimmy Michaels from Azalea Orthopedic tells us, not every person experiences it.

He says, the majority of his patients have chronic pain issues and worsens during winter months.

"There's some people who strongly feel and there's other people that can have similar issues and they look at imaging studies and they don't experience it so it's hard know does everybody feel the same thing, no......none of us do, but certainly it's out there and it's a well known phenomenon," says Dr. Michaels.

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