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Bow hunting season is almost here


POSTED: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 5:46pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 5:50pm

Starting about now, the big hunting seasons in Texas start coming thick and fast.
But it kicks off with one of the specialized seasons, archery season, from the end of September until November 1st..
Now in some counties you could hunt mule deer, or even turkeys.
And in this neck of the woods, what you are hunting are white-tailed deer….well, and hogs anytime.
But bow hunting has come a long way from its origins. For one, the deer don’t belong to the king anymore.
And the bows have gotten a little more complex.
Stacey Phetteplace is vice-president of the Tyler Archery Club and 5-time national champion archer.
“You see a lot of folks making that transition,” Stacey says. “They actually get bored with rifle hunting, they say it’s too easy. There’s no challenge left to it. Especially in East Texas with the thick piney woods, it’s ideal for a bow hunter environment because most of your shots are going to be under 30 yards anyway. With an animal that close anyway, it ups the challenge level to shoot it with a bow.”
Here she is using a target bow, but for hunting, one of the big, and complex recurved or compound bows. But even relatively simple longbows can be used.
And crossbows are now allowed as well.
Stacey says, archery is becoming much more popular.
“People are getting more interested in bow hunting because they can shoot a full month before they can pick up a gun,” she says. “So if they don’t get something during bow season, they still have rifle season.”

the website for the Tyler Archery Club can be found here...

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