Brandon Darby exposes chaos at the border

Friday, August 22, 2014 - 5:53pm

Grassroots America invited Brandon Darby to speak to its members. He recently took a trip with Grassroots leaders to the border to show them first hand the obstacles our border patrol are facing and how illegal aliens are coming into our country.

Darby documented the trip and played it for members during the meeting. In the video, you can how Mexicans will act as fisherman to keep their eyes on Border Patrol agents and their whereabouts. As soon as they are out of sight, they report to the Cartel who take the opportunities to cross into our country undetected. The area is littered with clothes and inner tubes from people trying to sneak into the country. Border Patrol says they simply don’t have the equipment or man power to control the situation. They also have very limited power. Illegal aliens cross onto territory the border patrols agents can’t. Areas such as wildlife preserves and federal land are of limits to border patrol, but not illegal immigrants. They also sneak into drainage pipes to avoid being detained.

The wide open border posses an even bigger risk considering the growing threat from the ISIS terrorist group. Leaders are concerned ISIS could use the weakened border to enter our country.
Darby recently received a tip that TSA was allowing illegal aliens to fly with proper identification. After some investigation, Darby went public with the information in which TSA took to social media to call him a liar. Illegal aliens coming into the country who are detained ICE received a “Notice to Appear” form with their information on it. That information is not confirmed identity information, just what was told to Border Patrol and ICE. TSA was allowing illegal immigrants not from Mexico to fly, meaning illegal aliens from the Middle East or other areas of the world could sneak in through Mexico and then get on a commercial flight.

TSA eventually wrote a letter admitting they were allowing illegal immigrants on their flights, but have not yet apologized to Darby. The letter can be found at
There will be big announcements at the next Grassroots meeting. If you’re interested in attending, check out their website at where you can find their event calendar.

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