BREAKING: 3 more arrested in connection with Boston Marathon bombings


POSTED: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 12:29pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 9:20pm

Boston Police said Wednesday that three additional suspects have been taken into custody in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings April 15.

Attorneys for two students in New Bedford, Massachusetts, who are originally from Kazakhstan, told CNN Wednesday that the two -- Azamat Tazhayako and Dias Kadyrbayev -- have been arrested in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing investigation.

Alan Dershowitz, a prominent defense attorney and Harvard law professor, said at least two of the additional three people arrested in connection with the Boston Marathon attack do not appear "to have been charged with anything relating to the bombing itself." "If they knew about the bombing, if they were involved in the bombing the charges would be conspiracy to do the acts for which the other man has already been charged.

So it sounds like at this point in time the only evidence they have is actions that took place after the bombing," Dershowitz said.

A source close to the investigation said the two have been arrested on charges of making false statements and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

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Yes obstruction. They HID TERROIRST'S CRIMES.

Book'em Danno.

Right now it's an open-ended dragnet for anyone who so much as knew the bomber. An arrest is expected if they didn't report his identity once made public. Under the 2013 NDAA laws they don't have to be charged and can be held indefinitely. They are not able to contact an attorney either. This is an investigation as to who knew the bomber, what possible contacts he may have had linked to anti-government sentiment. These bombers appear too amateurish to have real terrorist training and contacts.

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