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BREAKING: Man involved in Longview Police chase has died from Monday night shooting

BREAKING: Man involved in Longview Police chase has died from Monday night shooting
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POSTED: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 9:56am

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 11:12am

UPDATE (Tuesday, 10:54 a.m.) : Jose SiFuentes, 28, who led Longview Police on a car chase Monday night has died as a result of a shooting with police.

The officer that was injured in the shootout was also the officer that shot SiFuentes. He is now on administrative leave with pay.

UPDATE (Tuesday) - The Texas Rangers have identified the man involved in Longview shooting late Monday night.

Longview Police received reports of multiple hit and run accidents on Highway 80 near the hospital.

Police searched for the vehicle that was reportedly involved, a small, blue 4-door vehicle with some damage.

After finding the vehicle, the driver, Jose SiFuentes, 28, sped away from police. While driving eastbound on Hwy. 80, SiFuentes attempted to run over people and other vehicles.

Longview Police officers attempted to spike the vehicle.

At one point, SiFuentes turned around and drove westbound on Hwy. 80, and hit a Longview Police officer. As SiFuentes was attempting to hit officers, police shot at him.

The officer who was hit by the car was treated and released from a local hospital.

SiFuentes remains in the hospital. His condition is not known.

The Texas Rangers are still investigating the incident.

UPDATE: Longview Police Department tells KETK the incident started around 8:30 Monday night and ended on the 1900 block of East Marshall Avenue with a shooting.

A KETK reporter on scene reported spike strips in the road but Longview Police would not confirm a chase had ensued.

Officers were also unable to confirm who fired the shots and how many.

An officer and a hispanic male were both injured in the incident.

Longview police did confirm one of them was shot but did not say if it was the officer or the hispanic male.

No names, ages or conditions have been released at this time.

The Texas Rangers are investigating.

UPDATE: Texas Rangers are now on scene.

Highway 80 is shut down after a shooting between a police officer and a hispanic male.

Officials with the Longview Police Department tell KETK that two people are injured after a shooting.

At this time Highway 80 from Eastman Street to Shelton Street is closed down until further notice.

Officers are still on scene and the incident is still under investigation.

Authorities also have not yet confirmed if it was the suspect or the police officer shot in the incident.

Police will be turning this case over the Texas Rangers.

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Administrative leave? Sounds like he deserves a reward. How many lives did he save by taking that man off the hiways. I'm glad he is off duty to recover, but I don't like the sound of administrative leave. He did what was needed to be done to protect the lives of those in the man's path.

Seems like "ANOTHER" rogue cop on the loose to me. When will people realize that many individuals in the "Law Enforcement" ranks, are as dangerous to the community as the criminals are. Having been a victim of Smith County law enforcement thugs, this is very personal to me. What an outrage to those dedicated police officers out there who truly, "Serve and Protect".
What a stain on their service.

does any one know if this shoot out is connected to the on last week in this same area?

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