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POSTED: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 5:25pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 5:31pm

Representative Bryan Hughes has embarked on what some have called a suicide mission. He wants to unseat Texas House Speaker Joe Straus.

And whatever his differences with Joe Straus, they aren’t personal.

“Speaker Straus is a gentlemen. He’s a nice guy. Youl’ll never ever hear me criticize him on a personal level,” Hughes said.
District 5 Representative Bryan Hughes is nothing if not ambitious.

“And what I’ve told folks is this,” he says,  “I’ve told my Republican and Democratic colleagues the same thing. I’m not running so I can ram through my own agenda. That’s not the speaker’s role. In my view, I think we should decentralize power and as you may have seen, I’ve proposed some basic changes to the rules that would take power out of the speaker’s office and give it back to the members.”

And he is challenging House Speaker Joe Straus of San Antonio.

So, given that the last session was about as conservative as one could want, what is Joe Straus doing wrong?

“With over 100 conservative members of the House, you would expect a pretty conservative session,” Hughes told us. “If you look at how the bills were passed, you’ll see that much if not most of the conservative accomplishments were made via amendments on the floor not through the normal committee legislative process. And that’s where some of the frustration lies.”

Many have characterized this as the Tea Party versus the chamber of Commerce wing of the Texas GOP.

Given the growing Hispanic Democratic base, does the party really need this infighting?

“Obviously, there’s an attempt to convey the Republican Party as anti-immigrant sand of course, that’s not the case. “ said Hughes. “Being against illegal immigration is something, but we have to be careful as Republicans that we don’t come across as anti-immigrant or anti any group.”

Some have charged that Hughes will not appoint Democrats to any committee chair positions. And,  Bryan Hughes is a trial lawyer in a party that doesn’t hold attorneys in high esteem.

“My record over 10 years in the House, establishes me as one of the more conservative members. And I think that’s what people care about.”

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