Building a bigger bass in Lake Tyler

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 6:22pm

Earlier this month, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department put nearly 150 male brood bass into Lake Tyler.

Their impact on Lake Tyler won't be seen for a few years, but the recent rise in water level makes this the best time to get them in the water.

The 2011 drought took a massive toll on Lake Tyler, along with many other area waterways, but like a forest when it's burned, Lake Tyler has come back even stronger.

The low water levels made the lake's population of fish and other creatures live in closer quarters, making spawning numbers grow.

Now that's it's filled again, it's created new areas for these creatures to live, having what scientists call, a 'new lake effect.'

Biologist Richard Ott says that makes it prime time to introduce these fish to the ecosystem.

"You stock on the rise and publicize, you try to take advantage of this newly inundated vegetation where you've got very good production of the invertebrates and the other small organisms that our small bass can eat," said Ott.

You can already see the affect the lake level is having on the local economy by just looking at the parking lots filled with trucks pulling boat trailers.

Ott says seeing East Texans enjoy local fishing makes his job that much more fulfilling.

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