Building his house in the dark, but not alone

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 11:02pm

For Bullard man Thomas Graham, building is just in his blood, and he hasn't let a little thing like not being able to see stop him.

"I'm probably slower than anybody else, but I'm probably just as accurate," said Graham.

So in April, he and his family started building a house from scratch, designed after Graham's childhood house in west Texas.

"I've always had a pretty big desire to build my own house ever since I was a teenager I guess, I started with some smaller projects you know cabinets and other wood working projects and then I just decided one day, you know it's time for me to build that house," said Graham.

And he did, and his efforts caught the eye of many in the community, including local realtor Jim McKay.

"I was totally, totally awed by the fact that a blind man is building his house. I told my pastor i have got to meet that gentleman," said McKay.

And so he did, and decided he wanted to give Graham a hand, enlisting members of five different area churches, including experienced builder Dave Covalt.

"I actually tried to imagine closing your eyes and doing and it's, it's just mind boggling" said Covalt.

So they got to work, mainly helping get the roof on, while Graham continued to feel his way around his families soon to be new home, using tools handed to him by his wife, while he expertly put the nails in the right place.

And although that in and of itself is amazing, he says he appreciates something even greater than building his house in the dark..

"I am truly amazed by the people that has come and chipped in and wanted to help so it's just amazing, people are just amazing," said Graham.

Graham is still doing a lot of the work himself, but volunteers say they will be pitching in until the job is done, and the family hopes to be celebrating Christmas this year, in their new house.

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