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Bullard ISD laptop flap


POSTED: Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 10:15pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 23, 2013 - 1:25pm

Give them credit for being on the cutting edge.
Bullard Independent School District wants students to be prepared for the future.
So, the school will provide a laptop computer to any student.
What could go wrong?
The laptops are Apple Pros which cost $1100.
Gary Miller has a child in middle school in Bullard, and he signed up for the program along with many others.
But there is a risk.
A friend of Gary’s granddaughter broke the screen glass on thelaptop, and now he’s on the hook for $500.
He was later told he could have opted out.
“The problem is that some of their homework is on the computer,” Gary told us. “My granddaughter has told me that in a specific class, I believe it’s Texas History, that’s all they used was the computer. You couldn’t take one of those little sticks, although they had one, load up the information and come home and plug it into your Microsoft system, it wouldn’t work. It is what Catch-22 is. It is the definition.”
In this case, Miller got the clear implication that without the laptop, his granddaughter would fall behind.
And now he says, his granddaughter is being punished.
“What it says here is, computer lost or damaged, $500,” Gary explained. “They gave this to my wife. They would not allow my daughter to meet her teachers or pick up her class schedule. So, they’re punishing a 13-year-old. Boy, there’s some respectful people.”
We tried to arrange an interview with the Superintendent of Bullard ISD, Keith Bryant, but he isn’t available until the middle of next week.
But Miller will meet with him on Friday morning.
And we’ll be there to see how it went.

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So pay for the damages, clumsy spoiled brat- and why is a grandparent involved in this? It's his daugter's and clumsy grandkids problem, not his.

There are rugged laptops and cheaper ones that work very well I also think the 500.00 is way high for cost of repair but it sounds to me like it is a flat rate. A lot of people I know provide their own tools or computers for their jobs. In my case it is test equipment if I break of damage it I have to pay for it out of pocket maybe the details got overlooked on their liability or not made clear. A lot Jobs have liability for equipment a person is sometimes issued and if broken you will pay also

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