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Bullard ISD laptops, one more time


POSTED: Friday, August 30, 2013 - 4:48pm

UPDATED: Saturday, August 31, 2013 - 10:02am

The Bullard I.S.D. program to supply laptop computers for every student has generated a little controversy lately thanks to one angry parent.
Bullard superintendent Keith Bryant wasn’t available last week for our interview with district parent, Gary Miller.
But he was today and anxious to take on Miller’s complaints.
The Bullard School district has an ambitious goal.
"About 3 years ago,” Bryant says, “we began a study of the feasibility of having Macbook computers issued to students. And now we're in the 3rd year of doing it in the district. And they are available to all students."

And they aren’t cheap.
They're $1000 apiece.

"But as for the expense,” he explained, “computers are expensive, there's no doubt. We have an insurance policy that has a $500 deductible."

But what about a parent of modest means for whom $500 comes pretty dear.
"If they have a demonstrated financial need, we cannot make them pay for damage,” Bryant told us. “That's the law. We have payment plans set up. Kids carry around everyday in their backpacks, about $500 in textbooks. It's almost the same amount of dollars it has been for years."

But if you drop a textbook, not much is going to happen. If you drop a $1000 computer you're on the hook for $500.

"You know that they are given protective cases,” he countered. “We tell the students, don't take the computer out of the case."

But if a parent opts out and doesn’t take a laptop and the liability that goes with it, won’t their child’s education suffer?
"We check out a Macbook to a teacher,” Bryant explained. She keeps it in her classroom. And that student who doesn't have a Macbook because his parents don't want him to, is allowed to access that Macbook during that class period. We do think the benefits far outweigh the negatives, and we'll continue to work through the negatives. And we hope to resolve those in a manner that parents are comfortable with and they understand."

Bryant also told us they had a total of 11OO computers issued and only 14 damaged last year.

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Know what? I bet the school told that whiner (the granpa) how this works. Where's the mother? It's her daughter that broke the computer, why is ol' whiney involved? He needs to butt out and let his daughter raise her kid- he's a grandparent, not the responsible, custodia, guardian or parent. Should have taught his daughter how to be responsible, then (maybe) she could teach her daughter the same.
This was a parent's responsibility to manage, not a grandparent's.

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