Burger King 'satisfries' customers with new french fries

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POSTED: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 5:59pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 6:16pm

The Burger King fast food chain debuted their brand new “diet” french fries Tuesday. Burger King manager Melisa Allen says, they're better for you than the old recipe. "I think a lot of people are trying to get healthier, we get a lot of requests we get a lot of burgers with no buns, or they want to know about gluten free items,” Allen says, "the new fries have 40% less fat and they have 30% fewer calories than the traditional french fry does."

Burger King debuted the new crinkle cut fries "satisfries" Tuesday company wide, but East Texan's won't see them on the menu until Wednesday. A small order weighs in at 270 calories and crinkle's cousin, the regular BK fries, come in at 340 calories. The new fries are also 30 percent fewer calories than a small fry at BK’s “golden arch” enemy—McDonalds.

The big question is, do they taste as good with lower calories? KETK asked some customers their opinions and they seemed to prefer the new fries as opposed to the regular.

The new fry recipe doesn't absorb as much oil as the BK original spuds—dropping the fat and the calorie count.

Allen says, that’s the goal, "So you can still have the good stuff without the bad stuff to go with it."

BK is testing these new “satisfries,” and if they go over well they could replace the regular fries. However, expect to pay a little more the "satisfries" are 19 cents more than the regular.

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