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Businesses swamped after ice storm

Businesses swamped after ice storm
Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 6:21pm

After Sunday's storm and Monday's frozen slush around Smith County business have been on overload. The icy mess wreaked havoc on a number of local companies, who say, it could take weeks for them to get back up to speed. "We're having the coldest weather I can remember in 11 years in East Texas," said Jim Toman, Insurance Agent in Tyler.

Plumbers, auto shops, insurance companies and tow companies are swamped. Just when the thunder-sleet storm has passed, folks think the problems are over.

"During the freeze the water will obviously freeze in the pipes and then when you go to the faucet to turn it on nothing comes out you have have frozen pipes," said Milton Vanderpool, American Plumbing.

As far as the mess on the roads. We stopped at towing companies in Tyler where the estimated arrival time is three to four hours. In fact, tow drivers didn't even have time speak to us, but they tell us just take a look at tow yard of all vehicles that have been towed in on Tuesday.

This is what Davis Green Paint & Body looks like. Since many insurance companies were closed on Monday, now they're catching up taking claims.

"We had a customer contact us that had a claim that a huge tree fell both on the garage and partially on the home, a lot of his is caused from the weight of the ice," said Toman.

Many East Texans aren't used to this icy weather, well we all know now what to expect now. We're told everything thaws out that's when everything breaks loose.

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