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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm

Can eliminating processed foods from your diet actually make you healthier?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 7:54pm

As you walk down the isles in the grocery store, shelves are stacked high with everything you can imagine, including processed foods.  However, one group in East Texas is making a change and living a "processed free" lifestyle.  Processed Free America consultant LaVonia Nowell has been process free for a year now, and thinks "processed foods are killing us."

Experts say all of the add-ins in our foods can lead to things like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. It's all of the extra sugar, sodium, carbs, and fats that can lead to several health problems.  For more information on how to eliminate processed foods from your diet click here.

Alicia Burgin, owner of Purebody Nutrition, says this change is very good for your body, and she encourages everyone to grab the more natural foods. "You can eat a slimmer, trimmer diet and you're not getting all that extra fat and saturated fats," said Burgin.

Nowell is proof that this lifestyle change can improve your health.  After her health began deteriorating she stopped eating processed foods, and even after the first month saw results.  "My health was better than it had ever been in my entire adult life," said Nowell.

Because of her personal success she began to reach out to others, and formed processed free living support groups.  There are now six groups throughout East Texas.

One group member, Rene Quackenbeush has been processed free for only four months, but says "you can tell it in your body, you can feel it."

Nowell teaches people like Quackenbeush about the benefits of getting rid of processed foods, where you can find them, and offers a chance for people to talk about their experiences in changing their diets. This group reads from and follows suggestions made in The Science of Skinny by Dee McCaffrey, CDC. Books can be purchased online at

For more information on the support groups in East Texas:

LaVonia Nowell - 903.504.6321

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