Car thefts at all-time low thanks to technology

Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 5:47pm

The National Insurance Crime Bureau released its annual car theft report. The amount of cars stolen is at its lowest since 1967. Experts attest the success to the advanced technology in auto security systems.

The Honda Accord came out as the most commonly stolen vehicle and that could be for many different reasons, but even their numbers are lower. Honda has increased its security software through the years to keep the car with its rightful owner. Jack O’Diamonds Honda Assistant Manager, James McLough explained to KETK how each key is programmed for a specific car’s computer, so without that key, the car won’t turn on at all. If someone does try to enter the vehicle without the key, the alarm system will go through various features that include the horn, sirens, and lights.

SVC Tint and Audio in Tyler frequently installs security systems in cars that didn’t come standard from the manufacturer. Owner, Dennis Mortis, says the technology has become some advanced compared to even 10 years ago and more steps are taken to insure the car cannot be stolen. They also install tracking programs similar to OnStar that help locate the vehicle’s location. Some car GPS programs can even be used through iPhone apps to track your car. All the extra features make it more difficult for car-jackers to get away with their crime.

Mortis wanted to remind drivers of older vehicles that some insurance companies will offer discounts to drivers who install those extra safety measures and the cost isn’t as expensive as it used to be because the systems are adaptable to so many different brands of cars.

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