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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm

Carmike Cinemas not allowing firearms in their theater


POSTED: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 23, 2013 - 5:44pm

Carmike Cinemas in Tyler will no longer allow CHL holders to carry firearms in their theater.

"If Carmike is not going to allow CHL holder's in their theater, they're not going to get my money," said CHL Holder Jeff Worrell.

Carmike doesn't want your guns in their theaters.

Carmike theaters across the country have the same policy because of the Aurora Colorado massacre.

"I don't believe that Carmike or any theater should allow guns in their theaters. I don't believe it needs to be done because they're children in there," said Billy Owens from Bullard.

Under Texas Law, CHL holders can carry a concealed handgun almost anywhere, including movie theaters.

"If you got a license to carry a gun you ought to be able to carry it in there for protection," said Oscar Lopez from Tyler.

Times Square Cinema in Tyler allows CHL holders to carry in their theater.

"The concealed handgun license means that someone has earned the right to carry a concealed handgun and it's not our job to change the laws," said owner of Times Square Cinema Howard Charba.

Charba says the theater does not want to infringe on citizens Second Amendment Rights.

Charba says the theater follows the law and does not enforce or prevent CHL holders from bringing a firearm into their theater.

"We do have security cameras everywhere, we do you know have people that are stationed in a lot of places and we keep our ears and eyes open for a lot of things but I'm not going to sit here and invade someone's privacy.''

But, other East Texans support Carmike's decision.

"Well I just don't think it's a very safe thing you know the fact that a lot of people don't have control of themselves with you know guns and stuff," said Victor Vera from Tyler.

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It's kind of interesting that Carmike claims to be doing this "because of Aurora". The loon who invaded the gun free zone in Aurora wasn't carrying legally, and he attacked that particular theater because it was the only one in the area that banned legal carry. He demonstrated the hazard that short-sighted and cowardly management forces on it's customers by creating a gun-free kill zone.
I won't be giving money to Carmike, nor will my kids, or anyone else I can convince.

Arm every man, woman, child...arm the gal and guy who hand out popcorn and soft drinks...arm the ticket seller behind bullet-proof glass just in case...have CHL permits displayed with birth certificates, driver's licenses and SS cards just to buy tickets...refuse tickets to anyone over the age of 12 who isn't packing heat...have armed militia outside the theater doors...have bomb-sniffing dogs in the parking lot...etc.? You want a police/militia state in Texas? Pitiful.

Never cared much for Carmike, anyway. Times Square has a better atmosphere, like they care a little more. Hats off to Times Square for keeping a good policy in place! You'll see a lot of me this summer.

I have seen my last movie in a Carmike Cinema. They have only been relevant in recent times because they get the movies before they are released on DVD. I can wait. They charged too much anyway.

"Carmike theaters across the country have the same policy because of the Aurora Colorado massacre." ~ most ignorant comment ever. Hey liberal idiots: the Aurora murderer passed by several theaters where concealed carry was allowed to find a "Gun Free Zone" to prey upon. Looks like you will be going out of business in Texas within the next few months. Hopefully a patriotic pro-constitutional business buys up your theaters.

i will take my money else where

Keep in mind also, the Aurora shooter bypassed multiple theaters until he got to one that was posted No Guns....... Then he knew he would not, could not be opposed. The coward like the New Town shooter will always go to these locations because they don't want to face anyone that can defend themselves.

I think Billy Owens is a moron. An UNLICENSED person shot up the Colorado movie theater. I wish people would pull their heads out of their asses and realize criminals are criminals because they DONT OBEY THE LAW.....

Do people not understand what it takes to get a CHL? It's not like they are allowing any Joe Blow to carry a gun.

Well that settles that. 30.06 sign. So I AM NOT GOING.

They can keep their illusion of 'gun free' zone for all I care.

Interestingly enough, Carmike's sign does not comply with 30.06.

I won't force the issue, because they can always change the sign to comply.

CHL holders are screened with background checks that will rule out most who do not know how to "control themselves with you know guns and stuff". And as far as there being children in there, if you want to take your family into a theater that advertises that they are willing to be victims of criminals who DO NOT FOLLOW THE RULES, then that is your option. I have always enjoyed Carmike, but with such dangerous policies that deny my second amendment rights, I will not be taking my family or money.

I have never heard of anything so preposterous in my life. What are these pompous beaurocrats going to do? Is there going to be a "PAT-DOWN" area in the foyer of the theaters.
Billy Owens and Victor are beyond niave? Do you imagine that individuals do not carry pistols in theaters already, legally or otherwise?

Gun violence is not caused by CHL people. Its caused by idiots that for whatever reason, decide they want to kill as many innocent, helpless people as they can. I would feel much safer if I knew a CHL person was in there. Or even if they might be, would cause one to think twice about going on a shooting spree.

Being a gun free killing zone worked out so well for the folks in Aurora, CO. I'll be sure to stay far, far away from those unarmed, death-traps!

Don't people realize that the licensed carriers aren't the ones they should worry about? Going through the process of getting a CHL in Texas involves an extensive background check along with training on when and how they're allowed to use force. A CHL holder isn't your average thug with a gun stuffed in his pants. Telling CHL holders they can't carry in your business doesn't stop criminals - It just tells the criminals that nobody else is armed.

It's a privately owed business. As such, they have the right to allow or not allow CHG.

it is actually owned by a company in china!

And we have our Right not to give them our business.....

Having children there is a reason FOR CHL holders to be armed. CHL holders are typically good people who have chosen to take the legal steps to carry a handgun. To obtain a Texas CHL one must be an adult who passes a background check by the DPS 1st after passing a firearms safety course & shooting test.

These signs are NOT going to stop bad guys from bringing in guns! Most mass shootings are in Gun-Free Zones. These signs just turn good guys who want to protect their loved ones into criminals!

I'll never spend a dime at this theater. Take a look at the law .... they cannot really do this legally. They just force people to do this. Not me!!

Twelve people were murdered and fifty-eight others were injured during a shooting spree at the Cinemark Theater in Aurora, CO in 2012. These people were defenseless.
This particular theater was one of eight theaters in close proximity to one another, as opposed to any of the others in the immediate area that posted a notice that concealed weapons were banned from the theater.
With 4% adults having a CHL there would have been at least one person with a handgun among those in the audience.

In an age where you can get movies at home so easily it does not seem like a very wise move on the part of the Carmike owners to stop "legal" possession of firearms by CHL owners. I guess they just do not need our business. They definitely will not get mine or the 100+ members of our hand gun club once I inform the members of their decision, and I will. My opinion is that Carmike's just put a big sign on their theater's for criminals that says, " Come here to do wrong-No one can stop you."

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