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Catch a feral hog with your cellphone!

Wireless Traps

POSTED: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 10:33pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 9:37am

We all know feral hogs are a huge problem in East Texas.

But, what if a cell phone app could change that.

Feral hogs are a nuisance to farmers, ranchers and landowners.

"They're becoming more bold they're going into urban areas and ruining people's lawns and people really hate that," said Area Wildlife Biologist Chris Farrell.

It's said Texas is home to over half the feral hogs population.

And their damage costs loads of money.

"They cause millions of dollars in crop damage," said Farrell.  

But, a new app by a company out of Dallas called Wireless Traps might help reduce your hog problem.

A trap operated by a cell phone.

What happens is when the hogs enter the trap a motion sensor catches their movement.

"They root around and the motion sensor triggers a camera and the camera sends a picture to the owner," said President of Wireless Traps Noel Gouldin.  

The owner gets a text along with a picture of the hogs.

"He's got three coming in and the next night he has five coming in and the next night he has ten coming in, typically he waits until he sees the numbers leveling off that's when he triggers the gates," said Gouldin.

Then, when the landowner has a picture they like, they can use their cell phone to call a number, or press a button to lock them in.

Hay farmer Taylor Hand saw 20 feral hogs on his farm last night and it's not the first time he's seen families of hogs on his property.

"We've had some pretty good damage," said Hand.

They tore up some of his hay crop.

But, in the past he's seen worse.

"They just come in there rooted and plowed it up real bad to where it looks like you've run a turning plow through it," said Hand.  

He said an app like this would help.

"As far as a property like this with 10 to 20 acres putting a perimeter around your fence would probably work well," said Hand.

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Hog traps have simple door traps. No need for fancy cell phone stuff.

You can build your own hog traps. Internet has many cheap plans for them (and Ive seen them built!)

It is not rocket science to trap hogs.

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