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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Police shoot man threatening to stab little girl


POSTED: Monday, July 1, 2013 - 4:29pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 - 1:57pm

Imagine going shopping with your children at a local supermarket and then suddenly having your child plucked right out of the shopping cart and held hostage.

That's exactly what dramatic video of a deadly stand-off shows.

It all unfolded in the middle of the day at an Oklahoma City Wal-Mart.

Store surveillance video shows a mom wearing a white shirt shopping with her two daughters; seconds later while the mother's back is turned, this stranger reaches in and grabs her two-year-old little girl from the shopping cart, her stunned twelve-year-old sister watches in horror.

The man, Sammie Wallace, hands a cell phone to the girl's mother and demands she call a police officer he knows in Dallas all while holding a knife to the little girls' stomach, according to police.

Frightened shoppers frantically call 911.

He took this woman's kid and we need a police here immediately.

There's someone with a knife holding a little girl hostage.

You could see the knife, you could see the baby, you could see the mother.

Terry Parker, a local pastor, watched the dramatic scene unfold and heroically blocked Wallace with his cart until the police arrived.

"If that gentleman was to come in my direction, he had to go through me or my cart if he wanted to do that."

Moments later, SWAT teams evacuated the building and two police officers begin to negotiate.

But, it's not working.

Police say wallace was not responding coherently, that he was acting unstable and making unreasonable demands.

Afraid for the child's safety they move the mother and her older daughter to the front of the store. Wallace started counting down from 60, threatening to harm the child, moving the knife towards the little girls' neck as she starts to squirm.

Then while one negotiator distracts Wallace another goes up and shoots him point blank.

He knew if he was going to take the shot he had only one chance so he made sure he was at point blank range so there was no ability to harm that child.

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The police better be glad that there was a camera there to back up their story or else they would be in the same boat as Zimmerman and we would have had another round of nationwide riots for another black kid that no one knew, not to mention a target on every cops back from coast to coast. Sad, but true.

I have no problem with what the police did. He held a baby in his arms and had a knife. He threaten the girl so well they had to take action.

Good shoot... case closed.

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