CAUGHT ON VIDEO: City of Whitehouse officials raid 'Wild Rose Rescue Ranch'


POSTED: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 4:51pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 9:54am

Just a recap, in early 2011, KETK reported that the City of Whitehouse was creating a new ordinance to limit the amount of animals you can have on property within the city limits...this came after a deer from the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch escaped on New Years night in 2010.

And according to attacked someone at a New Years party.

The ranch owners say city officials slit the deer's throat with a pocket knife...and let it bleed out.

Since then, the ranch and the city have been at odds.

Georganne Lenham and her husband Bob, owners of the 50-acre Wild Rose Rescue Ranch, say last week, Whitehouse officials raided their property and took 31 dogs...because they were way over the legal number for the city limits.

The disagreement is...the Lenhams say they have proof that only their driveway is in the city limits.

"We have a map to prove it, we've got records...Texas Department of Transportation records," Lenham said.

The Lenhams did get their dogs back...but they called KETK Tuesday night after hearing the city would be raiding the property again on Wednesday morning.

And sure enough...they did...and KETK got a front row seat.

City officials declined an interview...but Deputy Marshall/Assistant City Manager Kevin Huckabee emphasized to us they feel the property is disgusting and unsafe.

Through an open records request, they provided us with video and documentation of the complaints.

The Lenhams tell KETK, they're remodeling...that's the reason for the mess inside the house.

When the search began, Georganne and her husband weren't home...and neither were their there wasn't anything to seize.  But they do have a young intern...all the way from liverpool england.

He came here to learn about taking care of animals.  Because he was the only one present at the time, he got stuck with a citation for empounding a whitetailed deer.

He'll now have to appear in court.

Something Lenham isn't happy about.

"We're just disgusted with what's happening here.  And I'm afraid the corruption will continue if something isn't done...we're really tired.  We need help," Lenham said.

Law enforcement told KETK, they are urging other law enforcement agencies to get involved because they say it's something that has gone beyond just having too many dogs.

In the meantime, Georganne Lenham says they'll be working to prove that they are indeed not in the city limits.


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I happen to know the above groups have done nothing to help.THE Whitehouse political junkies are picking on them.They did slit the throat of a perfectly harmless deer and let lay. I have decided to contact the Governor of Texas to see if he can give the city a better name I'm sure he would like to know that crime is rampart now. Also, all of you contact fox news .LETS SEE IF WE CAN HELP THEM GET THEIR LIFE BACK TO SAVE SOME MORE ANIMALS.

I agree leave them alone they help animals that most people would let dye. if u want to take these animals away from the only person that wants to help them then u don't have a heart

this english kid as travelled all the way from england to help volintier on this ranch and for the love of animals and then gets given a court date aswell as a fine surely this is not allowed,he doesnt even own the ranch he is only a volintier,LEAVE THESE PEOPLE ALONE INM BEHIND THEM ALL THE WAY

im so out raged by this leave these people alone,i think what these people are doing is wondeful.i think it is a disgrace this english boy travells all the way from england to help volintier and then get given a court date surely this aint right
The city limits are in yellow.

1) Let me get this straight - the "law enforcement" cut the animnal's throat with a pocket knife and let it die, and the rescue ranch who is making an effort to keep the animals alive are the ones who are doing wrong???

2) The dogs were not even in the city limits, just the driveway of the property is, so there is no reason to even try to enforce a "pet limit" ordinance.

3) The video provided thru open records request shows nothing and it shows no animals being abused, neglected or even in t

The deer was hung and its meat given to a needy family after it charged the police officer trying to catch it. The whole property is in the city. And the video shows you the disgusting living conditions of the inside of the home where some dogs are kept. The officer couldn't even enter without puking because of the smell of feces and Urine so think again about abuse and neglect. It's a 2500 square foot putrid dog house.

It's not in the country. Go llook at the city limits map.

These people would have you believe that they are operating a legitamte animal rescue; in reality they are animal hoaders. Just ask local animal shelters, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and ASPCA. These groups have bent over backwards to try and help these folks, but they like to fight, and now that they are losing they want your money to keep fighting. Don't do it, others have and they have learned to regret it when they learned the truth.

Leave these people alone!! It is the country for crying out loud!

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