Caught in the Web: Church members let loose for worship

POSTED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 6:32pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 10:38am

Here are some stories we found tonight, "Caught in the Web":

Church members in Virginia worship in the nude:

Aquarium at a Dubai mall springs a leak:

Theif steals 17 cans of Red Bull in his pants:

King Arthur sculpted out of snow in Abilene:

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So wrong in every way.If he knows so much about the bible the he would know that after eve took a bite of the forbidden fruit she knew that she was naked and was ashamed.To me people like this are just out for a cheep perverted thrill.To have the nerve to say that Jesus was naked when he left the tum is playing with fire.Jesus body did not go to be with the father.Only his sprit just like you and I when we die.Of corse being the last days we are going to see more and more of this sick stuff.

Nick - you are quite wrong - Jesus' body did go back to Heaven. If you think otherwise, please show me the scripture that points this out. He was transformed at the resurrection, and in Acts, it says He ascended into heaven - body and spirit included. A good question to ask is this: "If Jesus as a man is not in Heaven, where is His body?"
The bodily resurrection is the whole point of redemption. Paul says that if that is "NOT" the case, then Jesus is not risen, and we are without hope.

You and others will find this sickening because you are the ones with your minds in the gutter and can only see the body for sex. There are those that have evolved past that childish thinking and see the human body as an art created God and to appreciate it. Eve is the one that sinned with the apple.

I don't go to church anymore mostly because I am tired of so many going that go on Sunday morning to say they go to church. Then they think that going to church gives them the right to judge others. The only ones that have a right to judge people is God and Jesus. They are still very much alive and do not need help from anyone.

What is really sick is people that judge others but yet they don't act like Christians. They snub their fellow human beings in need. They can't even muster a kind word for someone in need.

As for the spirit of Jesus being all that arose are you sure about that? I seem to recall the tomb being found empty with no body inside. The ones that are playing with fire are the ones that claim to know the Bible but do not.

People need to be careful about judging others for everyone will be judged on judgment day.

DAN --- why dont you shut up until you find something intelligent to say?

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