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Cell phone policies remain strong in schools

Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 5:55pm

"If we see it or hear it, the cell phones is ours," said Paula Tapley, Principal of the East Texas Christian Academy.

Teachers are on the lookout for students using cell phones during class. But with the growing use of technology, students now more than ever are pulling out their phones in the classroom.

"All of the sudden a student goes from being engaged, to having a distraction that makes them disengaged from learning," said President of the East Texas Christian Academy.

Tyler, Mineola, Bullard, and Whitehouse are just a few school districts fining students for cell phone use in class. After the phone is taken away, the school charges 15 dollars to get it back. East Texas Christian Academy charges even more.

"We take the cell phone up, and we charge them 25 dollars to get it back," said Tapley.

Faculty members are pushing for students to stay focused in class. That's why many schools allow students to use their cells phones during their lunch break.

"Lunch time has quieted down quite a bit since we let them use it during lunch, we can see that the noise level has gone down," Tapley added.

But multiple schools say phones are becoming more of a distraction in the classroom and taking away the importance of a face to face conversation in the real world.

"At the end of the day it's not going to replace the value of one on one personal interaction, we were created for that," said Bell.  

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