Cell phones for Soldiers

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - 7:03pm

Comes to East Texas

Over 150,000 troops are serving their country overseas away from their families.

Some East Texans are hoping to make things a little easier for the troops.

The non-profit group Cell Phones for Soldiers, and Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Tyler is kicking off a cell phone collection drive here in East Texas that will last until January.

The group as a whole, is hoping to collect over a million phones this year to help the troops.

And with the community involved - here in East Texas, their hoping to get quite a few.

"I would love to see a thousand phones just in these 3 months, we're opening up for 3 months.  I'd love to see at least a thousand phones and I think that's totally do-able," said Taryn Coffey, a volunteer with the group.

The phones themselves don't actually go to the troops - they are sent off and refurbished.

The money earned from the phones is used to distribute pre-paid phone cards to the troops overseas for them to call home.

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