Central Texas authorities plan 'warrant roundup' for outstanding fees, fines

Sunday, February 12, 2012 - 9:55am

Got traffic tickets, parking violations, court fees or arrest warrants you haven't dealt with? Now's the time to take care of them, because police across the state are preparing to round up violators.

Starting Feb. 25, law enforcement agencies in more than 265 jurisdictions will begin arresting people and collecting payments on outstanding warrants for an initiative they call the Great Warrant Roundup.

Across Texas, thousands of outstanding warrants have been issued by municipal courts and justices of the peace for failure to pay fines related to misdemeanor offenses and traffic citations, officials said. The warrant roundup, now in its sixth year, is set around tax time so people can use their refunds to take care of their court fees, officials said.

Police officials in Central Texas said Friday morning that they want people to contact the courts where they have warrants and arrange to make payments on their fines before they risk arrest.

A statement from the Texas attorney general's office said that over the next two weeks, people who have an outstanding arrest warrant or receive a notice in the mail should contact police or sheriff's departments for information about how to clear those warrants and avoid arrest.

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