Change in economy forces ETX company to close doors after 86 years


POSTED: Monday, February 17, 2014 - 11:14pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 10:13am

A landmark lumber company in East Texas has announced they will close its doors after nearly nine decades in business.

On Monday, Gulf State Lumber publicly revealed they will be going out of business April 1, 2014.

The locally-owned and operated lumber yard has been in business selling retail, commercial and residential lumber since 1928.

Larry Hussey, the president of the company and employee of 26 years, tells KETK they are sad to be going out of business and they appreciate all the friends they have made over the years.

"We are closing due to the drastic change in the economy," said Hussey.

The company, which is owned by Sam Wolf and employs nine people, is located at 302 East Line Street in Tyler and the hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m., to 4:45 p.m.


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If anyone can see it has nothing to do with the economy but alot to do with their store hours...If you knew anything on running a business you would know that from 7am - 5pm everybody is either at work or school so it would be logical to be open when people gets off or days they are off on the weekends because it may worked years ago but times changed which pretty much means you have to be willing to change along with the changing times...

I am so sad to hear that this Tyler Business has become another casualty of the times we are now living in. They are the very best in delivering customer service. I know that many local builders will miss them in the days and years to come. I wish each of you guys the very best.

Michael Hicks

Drastic change in the economy, but this is Texas, everything is nice and wonderful here, we have tort reform, (hasn't stopped rising health care costs or people being able to afford it), we have education, (one of the lowest scores in the nation), we have jobs, (low paying unskilled jobs), and we have politicians who want to get rich off the taxpayers, what more can people want?

Who signed NAFTA? Also, everytime employers are forced to raise wages; they head south. Hello!

Unfortunately, BIG corporations open 7 days a week & big discounts make it impossible for local businesses to compete. MEGA conglomerates rule the marketplace.
This is local and can not be blamed on DC politics, the President of the United States or a political party.
It used to be that the sidewalk could be rolled up at 9 PM. Not now.
Small businesses started closing up w/Republican Pres. Ron Reagan & his trickle-down economics - it never "trickled down". Repubs back BIG Corps vs small business

Just blame it on the worst economy since the Great Depression, only this time both parties are at fault. Career politicians = money, power, greed. Not to mention that the last two president's could not run a lemonade stand much less a country, that's why this country is in such bad shape, neither party cares one little bit about this country or its people, only the money they can steal, and you can see it. Kick them all out or we are doomed.

In your over-simplified dumbed-down outlook on the American political process did it ever occur to you Democrats and Labor Unions don't favor small businesses? Rather than blaming Reagan, why not blame Johnson and FDR, for it is the welfare state that robs a nation of it's work incentive. I'll blame Wilson for allowing the Federal Reserve to generationally loot our land.

That's Obamanomics for you. Bet he could not pay Obamacare either.

Hope for change in 2014!! Give the Democrats a taste of unemployment and welfare!

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