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Changes to alcohol ordinances come soon in Tyler


POSTED: Thursday, April 4, 2013 - 6:10pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 4, 2013 - 10:10pm

The city of Tyler is considering bending the rules a little bit when it comes to alcohol sales in the city limits. Tyler Mayor, Barbara Bass appointed a task force to evaluate alcohol sales in the city, the task force then recommended some changes. Those changes could mean ordinance amendments when it comes to distance requirements.

Right now the city's distance requirement says that beer and wine cannot be sold within 300 feet of a school, day care, church or hospital.

However, Heather Nick, Tyler City Planner, says the city is considering a couple exceptions to that 300 foot rule near schools and day cares—she says, “If you're at least 20 thousand square feet, in building size and you have a natural or man-made buffer, including maybe an embankment or a retaining wall, or fencing, is those scenarios then you would meet that distance requirement."

Sams Club on Loop 323 in Tyler could be affected by these changes, also, Super Mercado Monterey Grocery Store in Tyler because they are both near schools.

Super Mercado shoppers have varying opinions about the possible alcohol sales near the neighboring school. One shopper tells KETK, “Of course they should be able to sell alcohol…because that school was built even after the store was here anyway!"

Other shoppers disagree saying, “No, because alcohol causes all sorts of problems." Another shopper says, "Being so close to a school, that might temp some kids to start purchasing it."

These new rule changes have been reviewed by the Tyler planning and zoning commission, and are awaiting a final vote from Tyler's city council on April 10.

KETK will have an update on City Council’s decision on this matter after the meeting.

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“No, because alcohol causes all sorts of problems." Well if that is the case then PROHIBITION is back again!

Now you cannot drink booze at any store or in any public place so what is the problem?

I voted AGAINST sales of alcohol in Tyler and I'm amazed at how much booze is on the shelves (sometimes I think more booze than food!) But as for the limits of how close they are to schools, well we are just kidding ourselves if we think 300 ft from schools somehow shields all those little kids eyes!

Wonder how high Sams Club will go to bribe city council to bend the rules. Remember, we are a nation of laws with no rules.

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