Changes to Texas gun laws coming January 1

Alexandra Carter

POSTED: Friday, December 27, 2013 - 7:09pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 30, 2013 - 7:01pm

A number of bills concerning concealed handgun licenses have been in effect since September,  and the new year willl ring in two more.


The first is HB 1349 which states that a social security number will no longer be requested when applying for a concealed hand gun license.
Giving a social security number on the state application has always been optional but with new technology for background checks, the social security number is now unnecessary.

One gun shop owner KETK spoke with  said he believes that's unsafe and the social security numbers are an added safety measure.
Dawn cunningham owns a gun shop as well and she says the background checking tecnhology has advanced so much that the social security number is irrelevant, " they do a complete background investigation so they're not likely to misidentify anybody because they do a thorough background check." 

The second law, HB 2407 deals with wards,  in the state of Texas a ward is defined as someone who doesn't have the mental capacity to care for themselves and requires a guardian. Their right to purchase a firearm is taken away,  but with HB 2407,  if the court finds that a ward's capacity is restored and they are able to care for themselves their right to purchase a firearm will be restored, after careful consideration by a judge.

Gunshop owner Dawn Cunningham says the new bill makes her a little uneasy but, gunshop owners have the ultimate decision in who they sell a gun to. 

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Please read through a Form 4473 that EVERYONE must fill out in order to purchase a firearm. If you were familiar with the form you would see it asked you "have you ever been adjudicated mentally defective or have you ever been committed to a mental institution?" If ANYONE answers yes to this question with or without a CHL then the transaction must be stopped. The firearm would not be able to be transferred to the buyer. Please research things before passing judgment.

Ah... on past Jack O' Pawns in Longview!

Might go pawn shopping in LV soon!

Never knew it was there.

Personally the social security number was supposed to be ONLY for Social Security! Sadly we have morphed it into some kind of national ID!

As for wards of the state, if you can care for your self and need no help, well their life is just as valuable as mine and thus they need self defense just like anyone else.

Uh, what gunshop does Dawn Cunningham own? I've never heard of her.

It'd be good to find out. Someone with her worldview isn't a person I would consider enriching by patronizing her establishment.

A judge is going to determine if a "ward" is mentally stable? How many "wards" have gotten a gun and killed people - like in mass killings? A judge has no more expertise in this matter than a Walmart cashier. Let's say the "ward" is stable while taking meds & decides to stop taking meds and becomes unstable. Will the judge who decided the ward was stable now know the ward stopped taking meds and became unstable? NO WAY!
What gun shop owner is going to turn away a sale- not many.. if any.

This law only states that once they have been cleared they can APPLY for a CHL license, it doesn't mean they will pass and be awarded a CHL license. It has nothing to do with a purchase of a firearm.

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