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Cherokee County questions


POSTED: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 6:57pm

UPDATED: Saturday, December 21, 2013 - 10:56am

Cherokee County Court at Law Judge Craig Fletcher had just been cleared in an investigation of unspecified charges.
Even so, he decided to abruptly, some say angrily, resign on Friday
Monday, a hasty meeting of the Commissioners Court was called by County Judge Chris Davis.
And in closed session, with 2 abstentions, County Attorney Kelley Peacock was named to fill the post until the March Primary.
She then filed to run for the job in that race. That was she didn’t run the risk of filing and resigning her position without the assurance of the interim slot.
“Initially, I was concerned with us appointing anyone who was on the ballot,” says Pct. 3 Commissioner Katherine Pinotti. “I don’t think the Commissioner’s Court, or the County Judge, as a judicial officer, has any business whatsoever endorsing any candidate. I just think that was extremely unethical.”
“My idea is that after 20 years in politics,” says County Judge Crhis Davis, “I don’t think that’s going to matter that much.”
But is choosing someone who is in the race a defacto endorsement by the court?
“Well of course it is. What else could it be?” Pinotti says.
“She’s filed to run, she’s running,” Davis replied. “And the voters can decide who they want. That’s the ultimate thing.”
Commissioner Pinotti feels the choice could have waited until after the filing deadline.
“Oh, well, I mean, maybe, I don’t know,” Davis demurred.
“Personally, for the life of me,” she exclaimed, “I cannot think of any other reason than it being politically motivated.”
One attorney told me that Kelly Peacock is a very good lawyer with an excellent reputation.
But the real question seems to be, what was the rush?

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the legalities of one judge signing for another can anyone answer?

What is the penalty in Texas for forgery?
This text is from the 1999 Texas Penal Code. Sec. 12.34. THIRD DEGREE FELONY PUNISHMENT. (a) An individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the third degree shall be punished by imprisonment

Peacock acknowledges that there has been some controversy about her appointment because some of the cases that will be brought before her court were filed by her office. However, she says County Judge Chris Davis is qualified to preside over those cases in her place. Conflict of can this be. The FBI needs to come in and get to the bottom of everything.

Something is just not right. Where you smell smoke, there is fire.

Hey, this is the same judge that signed multiple false insufficient warrants on bogus charges against Robert Fox, wasn't it? Fox beat all those false charges too. Why was Fletcher reportedly angry? Was he a sacrificial lamb so the real powers of corruption there in Cherokee County could pretend to cooperate and ingratiate themselves to the Texas Rangers & Atty. general and feign cooperation? So, I agree: Report the facts. Do your job reporters, and stop giving us non-story spin.

the story is incomplete. why was this judge under investigation by the Texas Ranger and the Attorney General? come on now, do your job and get the facts.

What is the rush? The rush is obvious. Corruption. Cherokee County's greatest pastime.
She had to be appointed immediately to allow her the time to file to run. Filing deadline was at midnight. This allowed time so that she could file without being beyond the deadline.
Futhermore, Craig Fletcher being cleared of "unspecified charges" is another way of not letting the public know that an internally controlled corruption "investigation" is just another way of having the fox guard the henhouse.

Only the Tyler news outlets reports on the investigation of Court at Law Judge Craig Fletcher, whereas the Daily Progress omits the reasons for his resignation entirely. Shouldn't have to read about it in blogs and newspapers 100 miles away. No mention of Robert Fox having his conviction overturned based on Fletcher's search warrants. Nobody interviewed the judges and prosecutors. They prefer to keep things "unspecified" and keep people speculating the worse.

If some of the people that are making accusations had to work in that courthouse daily and not visit it only to turn their paperwork in, then they might know just how busy it is there. Those people would know that court doesn't stop just because someone resigns and business has to continue. And.. what is the difference in appointing someone that hasn't sat on a bench then voting one in that hasn't either?

So, brassmonkey, what you're saying is that we should all vote for Daniel Boone Childs in the March primary election because he has the experience of having been a judge, right? Good point! Now don't tell me, I'll bet you work at the Cherokee County Courthouse and draw all that longevity pay in addition to your base pay for the position you hold now don't you. So, go ahead and tell all of us who don't work there how tough it is getting two weeks vacation and seventeen holidays a year.

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