Cherokee County reinstates license and weight program with close vote

Friday, February 1, 2013 - 10:24pm

On Monday, Cherokee County commissioners elected to reinstate the license and weight program, which includes hiring an officer to monitor large trucks traveling down county roads.

But the decision was split and controversial.

The motion passed with a 3-2 vote.

One side says this program is needed to better protect Cherokee County roads, while the other says, it could turn logging businesses away.

Kelly Traylor, Precinct 1 Cherokee County commissioner says scenes like the one on County Road 1351 in Rusk is why the motion needs to be passed.

Which is why he brought reinstating a licenses and weight officer position to the table Monday.

"I don't want anymore rules and regulations on the business currently here I'm for growing the county i feel like this is not a way to grown the county," Precinct 2 Commissioner Steven Norton told KETK concerning the program.  He was one of the people who voted against it.

"I don't want it to be to where when the loggers go to look for timber the first thing they do is look around Cherokee County and we're a last resort" Norton said.

But Traylor says, this reinstatement will encourage more county business.

"If we can maintain our roads better by rerouting the traffic then we'll save money in the long run," Traylor said.

While Norton was still concerned about this program's affect on the budget.

"I feel like it's our jobs to do our part and eliminate and cut anyway we can"

But Traylor says, having one person truckers need to call is more effective than trying to find the right county commissioner.

Norton however, is still not convinced.

"No doubt in my mind it would help us but, there again is it nice or is is necessary at this point and time with the current budget restrictions we're on."

Traylor tells KETK the money was already in the budget for this position, just put in reserves when it was discontinued last year.

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