Chimney fires

Monday, October 7, 2013 - 5:50pm

We've been experiencing cooler temperatures with some East Texas areas dropping down into the 40s.

So, it's almost time to start up your fire places.

During the summer months and times you're not using your fireplace , Owner of the Chimney Sweep Robert Swinney said leaves, leftover wood particles and other things start to build up in your chimney.

"After the number of years of burning it, it starts building up on the walls and its real dangerous and can burn again," said Swinney.

And this can cause a bigger fire than you expected.

"The combustible material that has accumulated over the years to its ignited temperature and it is on fire in the walls in your chimney that can catch a house on fire and it will. It damaged your fireplace and your chimney and that needs to be repaired," said Deputy Fire Marshal for the City of Tyler James Suggs.

The burning of these particles and soot can cause a massive flame to shoot out, out of the top of your chimney.

"It sounds like a tornado in your chimney that is a vortex of heat and smoke caused by a fire outside of the firebox and within the chimney walls," said Suggs. 

"It scares you to death because you have flames coming out on top of your chimney it sounds like a jet engine right in your fireplace," said Swinney. 

Both Swinney and investigators from the Tyler Fire Department said it's best to burn dry clean wood and stay away from burning newspapers and old Christmas wrappers.

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