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Christian Women's Job Corps provides lessons, hope to women

Christian Women's Job Corps

POSTED: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 5:10pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 1:56pm

Women in Rusk County are feeling empowered thanks to the Christian Women's Job Corps.

The Job Corps offers free classes to teach women job, computer, interviewing and life skills.

Administrator Christie Gambrell says they aim to teach lessons that really matter.  

" We've been doing health and nutrition because that's the number one reason women lose their jobs..they're responsible for the health of their family..if the children are sick..the man usually doesn't take off from work..the woman does." 

Maryam Glili moved to Henderson from Afghanistan. In addition to job skill classes, she takes english classes. She says before she started the program, she felt overwhelmed and defeated by the american culture and language. Now, she says she's ready to live the "American Dream."

"I can do anything..get good job..go to college." 

Janet Richardson hasn't always worked at the Job Corps, she was a student first. Richardson says the empowerment she received, had to be shared with others. She says it's the gift that keeps on giving.

"One of our former students texted me and says I got a job..and it was like oh my know you're just so happy for them." 

 When Blanca Canengos came to The Christian Women's Job Corps four years ago, she says she could only speak a few words of English. 

 "I have a little special girl..and i need to talk with the doctors and the school." 

Now, Canengos says she can communicate with doctors and teachers to provide a better life for her children.

The Job Corps also helped her become a U.S Citizen, which was a goal of Canengos'.



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Thanks, Alexandra, for your visit and for your interest. Our girls really enjoyed the time you spent with us today.
Christie Gambrell, administrator of Christian Women's Job Corps of Rusk County

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