Church of Wells: Catherine Grove's siblings speak out


POSTED: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 8:19am

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 5:01pm

The Church of Wells controversy continues. Ever since 26-year-old Catherine Grove joined the controversial congregation in July, she reportedly has had very limited communication with her family. This past weekend two of Catherine’s sisters and her brother were in Wells to speak with Catherine.

Catherine’s brother, Ben Grove, says they were in Wells for one reason, "We haven't seen Catherine in so long or even heard from her we just wanted any chance to even hear her voice."

Grove, and two of Catherine’s three sisters, Bonnie Lewis and Natalie Campbell say they came to Wells this weekend with one goal, simply to speak with their sister—but that didn’t happen, "We ask if we can talk to Catherine on the phone or in person and the response is: Catherine at this time does not wish to talk to any family members,” Ben says.

Having to leave Wells Monday morning, without achieving that goal they have now left to go back to Arkansas without their sister and their parents. Catherine’s parents, Patty and Andy Grove have been staying in Wells since the disappearance of their daughter in July.

Campbell says, "The whole thing is horrible why should I even have to go up to some strange person and ask if I can talk to my sister? her phone isn’t working, nothing, no communication," she says in frustration.

On a prior to attempt to visit Catherine her sister,  Lewis and Andy Grove, Catherine's father,  took cell phone video of a Church of Wells member after knocking on his door and asking to speak to Catherine. The church member then started rebuking Andy Grove (you can see the full video here: Part1: ">http:// Part 2: )
The alleged Church of Wells member says on the video taken by Lewis, "You're an evil man of lies, the Lord rebuke you Mr. Grove, the Lord rebuke you, the lords against you Mr. Grove the Lords against you."

The Grove family says it's been an emotionally trying time for them. Grove, Lewis and Campbell say, this is not the Catherine they know.

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Campbell says, "She's never even talked to us about what her plan is she literally just disappeared, it's totally irrational for her and for what we grew up believing." Grove says, "She's totally changed supposedly what they are saying is that she wants to be cut off from the family all together, deep down we know that's not true, something is wrong."

They say they just want their family whole again and they don't want others to go through what they are going through now. "I absolutely do not want this to happen to another family," Lewis says.

Grove says, "Ultimately we just want our sister to come back to the family so we can grow back together."

When asked If Catherine chooses to stay in Wells, and not come home to Arkansas—all three siblings said they would be okay with that. However, they say they just want to know why—and they say they want to hear the explaination from Catherine herself.

Catherine does have another sister, Amy Grove, who is legally disabled, she was unable to come to Wells this weekend and was not able to be present at the interview with KETK reporter, Nicole Vowell, but according to her sisters and brother, Amy Grove agrees with everything her family says—despite other local media reports— and the Groves say they stand united as one, with the same goal, just to speak to their beloved Catherine.

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