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Friday, March 27, 2015 - 11:34am

Church of Wells Deacon arrested in New York

Courtesy: New York State Troopers Records office

POSTED: Monday, January 13, 2014 - 7:57pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 7, 2014 - 2:27pm

The Church of Wells first hit KETK headlines back in July of 2013, after our reporter, Nicole Vowell, followed a desperate family, seeking to see and speak to their daughter, 26-year-old Catherine Grove, a current Church of Wells member; after she disappeared from the Arkansas home.

KETK has learned one of the Church's Deacon's was recently arrested in the state of New York on a charge of second degree aggravated harassment. KETK obtained the arrest record showing 31-year-old Richard Trudeau was arrested on January 10, 2013 around 10 p.m. in the town of Harrietstown. According to the New York State Trooper's Public information officer, Jennifer V. Fleishman, Trudeau was arrested after a woman had made a call to police that she was being threatened by Trudeau and feared her life. His bond is set at 4 thousand dollars, or 2 thousand dollars cash bail.

Church of Wells website shows that Trudeau has been affiliated with the church since at least 2006, it also shows on the site that he is listed as a Deacon.

Following Trudeau's New York arrest, on Sunday January 12th, Catherine Grove was spotted at Millard's crossing, a public park in Nacogdoches. Catherine was participating in a wedding of one of her fellow church of wells members. Her father, Andy Grove, was there hoping to get an opportunity to speak to his daughter.  Mr. Grove tells KETK News he was kicked off the site by church members. Shortly after,  the Nacogdoges Police and Sheriff's office arrived at the park in response to a disturbance call of a man with a shotgun in the area, however they confirmed with KETK News no shotgun was found. Mr. Grove saw Catherine from a distance only for a brief second, and was not able to speak with her.

The Church of Wells church "house" located at 155 Bonita in Wells has officially been purchased by Wells ISD. They completed purchase of the property Friday, at a purchase price of $26 thousand dollars. Wells ISD Superintendent, Dale Morton, tells KETK News, "The purchase of this property will help us create of additional parking and will expand the security perimeter around the school campus."

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Why would the sheriff take her back to the cult? Doesn't seem to make sense. We have a friend in the cult also and hope they also get out. We pray for your sister.

On November 4th my sister Catherine attempted to escape from this group in Wells TX with a backpack full of clothes. Public records of the Cherokee County Sheriffs Office confirm it is true that my sister Catherine ran away from the leader Rick Trudeau's home and was missing for 18 hours going through many pastures into the woods & the CCSO tracked my sister w/ search dogs. I am very sad that my family is cutoff from my sister by the leaders of this group. I am glad Rick Trudeau is in jail.

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