Church of Wells members issued warnings for trespassing on Lufkin ISD campus

Church of Wells members issued warnings for trespassing on Lufkin ISD campus

POSTED: Friday, October 4, 2013 - 1:50pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 2:10pm

Three men affiliated with the controversial Church of Wells have been issued criminal trespass warnings by Lufkin Police after they were found to be on school property.

Police tell KETK, Kevin Fessler, Troy Dannenberger and Christopher Smith received the warnings at the request of the Lufkin ISD Police Department.

Photos of Christopher Smith, Troy Dannenberger and Kevin Fessler from Facebook.

Lufkin ISD officials told KETK on Friday that a school employee noticed the men on school property and approached them. After speaking with the men, the employee notified the district of their presence and law enforcement was called.

Details about their reason for being on campus were not immediately available.

According to Lufkin Police, a criminal trespass warning is confirmation that a person was told by a property owner that they were prohibited from returning to the property.
There has not been any violation of the law, and school officials tell KETK that the men left the property without incident. 

Sheila Adams, Director of Communications & Public Relations at Lufkin ISD, said, "The Lufkin Police Department responded to the situation. District police and administrators were on the scene. The incident was resolved with minimal disruption due to the fact that students were already released from school. Our district police department will be closely monitoring our campuses to ensure the safety of our students."

The warning was issued campus-wide.

Unless any of the men return to the property, there will be no legal action taken against them.

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What about other tresspass citations? Could you please do a follow up story on the multiple citations given to Church of Wells?
Eric Corriz, Cory McLaughlin in Wells the same day - Cherokee County Sherriff.
These same two men, Dannenberger and Smith, last night at Wight Manor Apartments. Possible harrassment.
Thank you.

If they don't have kids in that school, then they have no rights at all to be there- the laws should be tougher. That "Church" is scarey, but let's hope it doesn't turn into another Waco fiasco.

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