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POSTED: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 6:07pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 4:10pm

A new study reveals the number of pastors and churches on facebook and twitter has significantly spiked in the last two years.

"We have a Facebook account, we also have a Twitter account, and were on Youtube."

Twenty-one percent of churches now use twitter, and 70 percent of churches use Facebook.

Pastor Darin Wood at Jacksonville Central Baptist Church says social media is a good thing.

"Using it, and harnessing it to connect with people in another way, to bridge the gap between where we are to where they are," Wood said. "To me that's the greatest advantage of social media."

And while many churches and pastors merely use Facebook and Twitter to share information about the church , Pastor Wood found a way to use this platform to connect to his congregation.

"I've done marriage counseling and personal counseling with people that never would have come to my office but they are willing to ask me questions via facebook, at let me answer it that way," Wood said.

At Jacksonville Central they even show their Sunday sermon on Youtube.

"Our tech who records the sermons also converts them into a file that we can upload to Youtube so people can actually watch the sermon embedded on our website," said Central Baptist's graphic secretary.

We took to the streets to see how East Texans felt about pastors on social media and got overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Pastor David Dykes from Green Acres Baptist Church has the maximum number of friends on Facebook and says social media is nothing but a positive platform for churches to use.

"I think pastors and churches should take advantage of using social media because you're going to reach a lot more people on a more regular basis instead of just once a week," Dykes said.

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