Citizens will vote Saturday yes or no over TISD bond


POSTED: Friday, May 10, 2013 - 7:17pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 13, 2013 - 4:07pm

Tyler citizens head to the polls Saturday to vote on the TISD school bond.

The fate of the $160.5 million bond lays in the hands of voters.

If passed, the bond would fund six projects.

It includes remodeling Rice and Dixie Elementary School, construction of a new Boulter a new Moore School and a new middle school in southwest Tyler.

The bond also includes construction of a Career and Technical Education Center for Robert E Lee and John Tyler High School students.

Dawn Parnell says if the bond passes, construction will start in 2015, giving the district a few years to look at enrollment and how to best utilize space.

"Having bigger middle schools will give us the ability to offer more course offerings, increase our efficiency our financial efficiency so we're just looking at ways to do that as we move forward in the 21st century,"said Parnell.

Both supporters and opposers of the bond are gearing up for a last minute election push.

Tyler Proud has hundreds of people making calls handing out fliers going door to door and encouraging residents to vote yes on the bond.

"We really feel like it's a great message. It's a great bond. It just needs to get out to everyone so we've been working that and we're really on that home stretch and pushing our supporters out to the polls," said President Mark Randall.

Meanwhile, Grassroots America continues to encourage the public to vote no on the bond.

"We're not going to let them forget it they will be hearing from us more and more on these issues because it's too important to let go," said Director of Grassroots America Joann Fleming.

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You two are insane.Have you been inside a TISD classroom in the past 40 years? I've been twice this past week. The kids were behaved, the teachers were working hard, and everyone was trying as hard as they could to help the kids achieve their potential. You two ever been to Moore MST? Do you even know where it is? It's the one where the kids walk outside in cruddy weather to get to class and eat at 1:30 b/c the cafeteria is so small. Quit parroting the Fleming lady and VOTE YES.

I will say that I had a confrontation with three women who are members of Tyler proud as my wife and I went to vote on Tuesday. These women were accross the street yelling for voters to vote yes. I gave them the thumbs down and they started yelling at me that this was the 21st century. I called KETK who promised to check this group out but obiviously never did. I voted against the bond and urge others to do the same. Looked like attempted voter intimidation to me.

Sounds like free speech to me. You seriously come on here and admit you are afraid of a couple of
PTA moms expressing their opinions?

I believe that everyone should vote no on this bond by TISD. From reports that I have heard frequently, these schools are a disgrace to our public school system. Lack of discipline seems to be a general condition, and inadequate teaching accompanies that as well. TISD should be required to demonstrate good teaching practices and good results before any bond is considered. Is it imagined that the teaching situation will improve with new facilities? Dream on and get some accomplished teachers.

What "reports" have you heard lately? From Joannie Fleming? I would not take her word for it. Why do so many people in Tyler think she's Moses coming with the gospel ? Can you not think for yourself at all? Go look at Moore MST. Go look at it. I know you don't know where it is, but just go look at it. There are 11 year olds walking outside in the heat, rain, whatever, to get to every class because of the way it was designed in the 1950s. It is not secure. Fleming is holding Tyler hostage.

The burgular uses darkness to rob you, the Fatcat uses children and the tax office. These Bonds are the Fatcat's way to invest his money in the safety of the East Texas economy and guarantee a higher interest than he can get anywhere else in the nation. By using school improvement as the reason for this bond, Fatcat is supplied with an army of teachers and parents all pushing for his high interest paper to be issued. The 254 million to redeem these bonds is your money, vote NO to save YOUR money

We will be forced to hear from Joan Fleming because she likes to hear herself talk. She has nothing to say but she sure talks a lot anyway.

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